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Chiropractic Specialists are the primary portal of entry healthcare practitioners that specialize in evaluation and treatment of NMS (Neuromusculoskeletal) problems and their effects on General Health. They are trained to do a comprehensive medical history and examination of your skeletal and muscular / fascial system standard reflexes and orthopedic testing alongside specialized evaluations such as posture and movement analysis. These may indicate the underlying causes of your pain and/  or injury so that a corrective process that gets to the root cause of the problem can be prescribed.

It works alongside the rehab and physical medicine specialists at Intercare to get optimized results. The alignment process called an adjustment is both gentle and safe for children, elderly and even pregnant women.

Conditions such as Low back pain, slipped disc, neck and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel; sports injuries are all conditions that respond positively to Chiropractic.

In 2007 it was recognized as a cost effective treatment for conditions affecting our NMS system by the World Health Organization.

It is practiced all over the world and regulated by law in over 60 countries. The Philippines registers Chiropractic Specialist who meets international standards of Education and training thru the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care, Department of Health. There are currently less than 30 Chiropractic Specialists in the country.

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