Sports medicine specializes in dealing with physical fitness, recovery, and prevention of sport related injuries. The focus goes on keeping the body healthy and enhancing performance.

Athletes many times suffer from different disorders such as: repetitive stress injuries, musculoskeletal tension, back pain, shoulder pain, tendonitis, in between others. These problems may cause a decrease in performance or inability to participate in sports.


We have a wide variety of treatments for athletes, this include:


1) Chiropractic Alignment
Structural Re-Alignment of Skeletal system and articulations (Bones and Joints) using specialized procedures called an Adjustment. This helps improve balance, stability and evens out stresses that build up in our bodies from hard training. This also helps facilitate the Nervous system leading to optimum coordination between our brains and bodies.


2) Physical Therapy
We can treat and evaluate sources of pain and injury common with athletic training. We have specialized techniques and tools to address many different conditions affecting athletes.


Medical Tools designed to iron out restrictions in our Fascial (Connective tissue of the body) and our muscular system.


4) Conditioning Stretch
Designed to medically release restrictions following injuries or heavy training


5) Prescription and teaching of Corrective exercises and drills. Analysis of results of FMS and Y balance test will allow us to prescribe therapeutic exercises to address deficiencies.


6) Rehab Medicine Consultation
General Consultations for Injuries or problems affecting the Neuro Musculoskeletal System (Bones, Muscles, Ligaments, and Joints)

7) Rocktape
Taping patterns can help athlete train thru injuries preventing compensations. Taping patterns can also re-enforce drills and provide support so athlete can train harder for longer periods of time.