What is Stress?

“Stress is a positive force that enables you to survive. Too little stress can cause you to be listless and unstimulated, and likely to perform slowly and efficiently. Too much stress can produce unpleasant effects and cause your performance to deteriorate. When you see your environment as taxing or exceeding your ability to cope, thereby endangering your well-being… that is too much stress. Only when demands outweigh your ability to cope does stress start to have negative effects.”

-Dr. Trevor Powell in his book Stress Free Life

What causes our stress?

If negative stress is our inner response to a perceived imbalance between the demands in our lives and our ability to cope, then the cause of stress can be found in our own thoughts, feelings and actions. For example, thoughts are our expectations, expressed or unexpressed, and attitudes towards life, people, relationships, etc.; feelings have to do with our emotional reaction changes in our lives; actions are how we behave in dealing with our time, work, money, etc.

Can Stress be reduced?

Yes. But we must be willing to build new habits and make choices which are different from the ones we currently subscribe to. This has the potential of not relieving our stress, but also increasing, in the long term, our health, wellness and yes, our happiness.

What is Stress Management?

Stress Management is the process of changing our inner response to the demands in our lives, thereby adjusting to them more easily.

What are Intercare’s Stress Management and Counselling Service?

  1. Stress Management (SM) Service provides both active approaches (such as stress release exercises) and passive approaches (such as stress relief massage using PT/Myotherapy disciplines) to release tension and bring patients to a state of relaxation and calmness. In the process, patients require stress relief habits and the ability to eventually perform stress relief exercises on their own. A session lasts for one (1) hour. For optimal results, four (4) once-a-week sessions must be completed.
  2. Counselling Service is a problem-solving approach to reduce stress for individuals, couples, and small groups on:
    1. Emotional stress due to anger, fear, loss & grief, etc.
    2. Relationship stress
    3. Personal core values conflict
    4. Work/Career-related stress

This program consists of a minimum of four (4) once-a-week sessions at one (1) hour per session. More sessions may be added upon mutual agreement with patient.

Combining any one of the above services with one or both of the following natural stress relief treatments is strongly encouraged to complete the cycle of Stress Management for long term personal health, wellness, and happiness:

  1. Chiropractic
  2. Acupuncture

Stress Management and Counselling Services are available by appointment only at the Makati Clinic on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:00pm – 5:00pm.