The Gait analysis is a study of human locomotion.  With this method the clinician observes and evaluates human mechanics by measuring body movements, and muscle activity. In this system we use infrared sensors, which can pick up differences that are invisible to the naked eye.

It’s a very effective evaluation to see where there is a mechanical inefficiency, thus targeting the weak areas in the body, which are causing compensation in other body parts resulting in injury, or restriction of movement. This gives us information to benchmark your condition, determine possible causes and treatment of your injury and of course, to measure your progress

The benefit of having an Optogait analysis is that it helps you understand where the problem or imbalance is coming from. Having this knowledge facilitates the healing process, as you become more aware of your body, identifying the unhealthy patterns you’ve learned; and being equipped with different tools to un-do these patterns, and create new ones that will help you heal and befriend your body.


Source: Enriquez, Marge. “New technology measures body imbalance as you do your sport.” Philippine Daily Inquirer 1 Nov. 2011. 5 November 2011